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Coronavirus (COVID-19) support

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We’ve put together a list of some of the services and groups that are continuing to deliver in Middlesbrough, or are changing their normal service delivery schedule, due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

We’re updating the list every week. Read the latest version (10 June 2020).


Appendices A (Mental Health Foundation advice) and B (top tips for home working) are contained in the document.

Appendix C: HeadStart Middlesbrough newsletter

Appendix D: Help Boro leaflet

Appendix E: coronavirus cyber crime newsletter

Appendix F: easy read guidance on shielding

Appendix G: Harbour support service leaflet

Appendix H: store cupboard ideas

Appendix I: visiting someone with Dual Sensory Impairment (DSI) at their home

Appendix J: everyday Dual Sensory Impairment (DSI) situations and advice

Appendix K: fire safety advice from Cleveland Fire Brigade

Appendix L: Age Friendly update (May)

Appendix M: wellbeing and mental health during COVID-19

Appendix N: child-friendly explanation of coronavirus

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