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Thoughts and behaviours

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Thoughts, feelings, and behaviours can be linked and sometimes we don’t realise it.

Sometimes our behaviours are linked to what we know about a situation.

For example, before crossing the road, you find a proper crossing, press the button, and wait for the green man. You do this because you know if you were hit by a car that it would hurt. This brings on a feeling of fear which keeps us from just stepping out into the road.

Sometimes our behaviours are linked to what we think about a situation.

For example if it’s your first day at school, you may think, ‘I don’t know anyone and they might not like me’. This makes you feel anxious, sweaty, and panicky, and your behaviour may be that you don’t want to go to school.

By looking at how your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours are linked, you can start to change how you react in a situation. You don’t need to change everything straight away – just focus on one thing. In the example above, the person could focus on slowing their breathing to help them stay calm.

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