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Supporting someone

Supporting people can be difficult, especially if it’s a loved one. Below are 5 simple steps to help you support someone who’s going through addiction.

Be prepared to listen

It may be hard to hear a loved one talking about their addiction, but sometimes the best thing we can do is just listen to what they have to say.

Don’t tell them what to do

Do your research and let them know about the support available, but try not to tell them what to do – this is their journey and it should be led by them.

Be patient

People change at different speeds. The best things we can do is offer consistent heartfelt support and wait for them to make their own decisions.

Use empathy

Be willing to see how it is for them, what they’re going through, how it feels for them, and what they want to do about it.

Ask for help

There are lots of services which support families and friends. You can find out more on the support in Middlesbrough page.

If you’re worried that someone is in immediate danger, call 999.

If their need is not immediate, visit the Impact on Teesside website to find out about the help available.

The Tees Suicide Prevention Alliance, along with the North East and Cumbria Suicide Prevention network, are promoting three key messages about suicide prevention and positive mental health. These are:

  • look after yourself
  • look out for others
  • get help early

If you’d like free suicide prevention training, visit the Suicide Prevention Network website.

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